Terms and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

1. Privacy on user data.
1.1. User data will only be provided when using automated tests, in which a minimum of basic information is required to perform it. We may collect the following information from your profile:  Collect basic information on your profile, mainly the name, gender and Facebook ID to obtain the profile picture used in certain tests.
1.2. The information provided by the users in our application will only be used to generate statistics and other basic information necessary for the creation of the tests;
1.3. We are not authorized to disclose any information, except as necessary to perform certain services in which case, we will make advance notice of the fact;
1.4. We also reserve the right to disclose information collected about users whose disclosure is required by law, judicial process, rules imposed by any governmental body or when such disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or another user.

2. Application removal.
2.1. An application removal should be done by the Facebook application panel itself;
2.2. Any guidelines, if necessary, on unlinking the application with your account, must be made by Facebook itself;
2.3. By disassociating you will not be able to connect to the application using Facebook;
2.4. The publications made by the application will be removed from your Timeline if you unlink it with your account.

3. Content made available by the application.
3.1. The application generates random and fictitious content that does not match reality;
3.2. When using our application, the user should be aware that it is pure fiction;
3.3. The results generated by the application tests contain a warning about the responses it will generate, in its title.

4. General Conditions.
4.1. When you connect Facebook to our application, you agree to our Terms of Use;
4.2. This appliication reserves the right to modify these Terms without notice to adapt it to possible legislative changes or information practices;
4.3. If you do not agree with any of the items presented in this Term of Use and Privacy Policy, we advise you not to make use of our application;
4.4. In addition to the conditions appointed in this aplication’s term of Application and Privacy Policy, the user declares to agree and to observe all the applicable Terms and Policies applicable by Facebook.
4.5. By accepting Facebook's automatic posting permissions, you will authorize our application and website to post content you've created automatically on your behalf in your timeline.


Privacy Policy

The results of this page are only as a form of entertainment and should not be taken as serious results. The information provided by the users in our application will only be used to generate statistics and other basic information necessary for the creation of the tests. We do not sell, trade or transfer your information in any way to third parties. GodinWorld not responsible for any illegal activity on Facebook. We do not get any information to Facebook. By using this site you are assuming compliance with our policies. The calculations of some results are based on the interactions of people in your wall, as likes and posts. We never store any sensitive or private user information such as passwords, private messages, comments, likes, etc.

The text below shows the privacy policy for the application used in now. This policy describes as TrueTests uses and protects the information supplied by users to the application. TrueTests is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. When we asked you to give us some information when authenticating to the application, and certain permits are requested through dialogue Facebook, you can be sure that the information will only be used in compliance with this policy.

TrueTests can change its policies at any given moment through this section. This Privacy Policy was last updated on December 1, 2017. If we make changes to the site, they can also be changes to the policies and it is their duty to review these changes to ensure that it complies with all the terms of our policies. We don't store any personal information.

When the user decides to perform a test on this site, you agree to the use of our application on Facebook, giving permission to read the same public profile, friends list and email, in addition to accepting the publish actions permit, the permit grants the possibility to make the publication of the result in the wall of the user who required it. The user can cancel the permission to the application at any time from your Facebook. El usuario puede cancelar el permiso a la aplicación en todo momento, desde su cuenta de facebook.

If you have questions or concerns about this Policy, please contact us at any time via the